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How to Enrol

Selecting St Joseph’s Primary, Kingswood, will give your child the best opportunity to develop academically, spiritually and socially, in partnership with our parish and the wider Catholic education community. It involves a commitment to work with the school and support the philosophy, values and aims of Catholic education.

Specifically, joining this community means parents/carers and students are committed to:

  • the development of quality relationships with all members of the school community
  • the Catholic identity and evangelising mission of the school within the Church
  • supporting the school in upholding school policies and procedures
  • involvement by parents and caregivers, where possible, in the life of the school.
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Enrolment Procedure

Step 1:
View our facilities
Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision. Why not arrange a school tour to view our facilities? Just contact our school by email or call 4726 4200 weekdays between 8:00am and 4:00pm. 

See what we offer at St Joseph’s Primary, Kingswood. 

Step 2:
Review the enrolment instructions  

Before completing the Enrolment Application, read the Enrolment Instructions and Checklist for relevant supporting documents in the Enrolment Application Form.

Enrolment packages containing the Enrolment Instructions and Application Forms are also available from the school office. 

Step 3:
Enrolment Application

Complete and submit an: 

Enrolment Application Form (Form A) 
Consent Form (Form B)
Overseas and Exchange Students (Form C) 
Contact information form for parents/carers not residing with the student (Form D).

The completed Enrolment Application, together with all requested supporting documentation, must be submitted, in person, to our school office. Please be aware that we are unable to accept or process incomplete applications and note that submitting an application does not guarantee automatic placement. Please bring with you original documentation to be sighted and copied, if required.
Step 4:
Enrolment Interview 

All students seeking enrolment at St Joseph’s Primary, Kingswood, are required to attend an interview. Once the Enrolment Application has been submitted, our Enrolment Officer will contact you to schedule an interview. The enrolling student and at least one parent/carer are required to attend the interview.

Step 5:
Enrolment Acceptance 

We will advise the outcome of your application in writing shortly after the interview.

If you receive a Letter of Offer, you are required to return the Enrolment Acceptance Form and pay the $100 non-refundable Enrolment Deposit by the requested date to secure your position. This deposit contributes towards your first term school-based fees.

Further Information

Please contact the school office for an enrolment form and for any enquiries regarding enrolment on 4726 4200.


School Fees

St Joseph’s Primary School is a Parish school under the support of the Catholic Education Office, Parramatta. School Fees must be charged in order to meet the cost of wages and general recurrent costs entailed in administering schools. Fees are set by the Diocesan Schools Board and are reviewed each year. There is a likelihood of an increase approximately in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Please click on attached brochure for most current school fees.

2017 School Fees

Diocesan Education Fee Temporary Residents

A Temporary Residents Education Fee applies to new families joining the system on the following Visa numbers: 173, 401, 411, 415, 416, 418, 419, 420, 421, 422, 423, 426, 427, 428, 442, 457, 459, 476, 485, 497, 580, 600, 601, 651, 675, 676, 679, 685, 944, 956, 976 and 977 including where any of these are the preceding visas for families on bridging visas 010 to 090.

The fee for 2017 is $1,869 per student, payable in three equal instalments of $623 in terms one, two and three.


Contact Us

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Mrs Patricia Reilly

School Office Times

8am - 4pm - Monday to Friday


St Joseph’s Primary
94 Joseph Street
Kingswood NSW 2747

P 4726 4200
F 4726 4299

Please contact the school using the form below

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Contact Us

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    Mrs Patricia Reilly

    School Office Times

    8am - 4pm - Monday to Friday


    St Joseph’s Primary
    94 Joseph Street
    Kingswood NSW 2747

    P 4726 4200
    F 4726 4299

    Please contact the school using the form below

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Before & After School Care

Joey's offer on-site before and after school care at St Joseph's Primary.
Call 4732 5771

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