Religious Education

With the framework provided by a specially written syllabus, the school-based curriculum aims to ensure Religious Education programs are faithful to Church teaching and responsive to student needs in developing their knowledge, skills, values and attitudes.

Through the reflection of life experience and the examination of scripture and the traditions of the Catholic Church, children are guided to a greater knowledge and understanding of their faith.

As educators:

  • We teach and model the message of Jesus presented in the traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • We promote a love of Christ, self and others. As a school community, we look to the examples of Saint Joseph and St Mary of the Cross Mackillop.
  • We provide opportunities for each child to reflect on Gospel values, be challenged by them, and live by them in their daily lives.
  • We promote the need for ongoing spiritual formation for all.
  • We recognise that all children learn differently and that they have preferred learning styles.
  • We encompass professional teaching which ensures a broad and balanced curriculum.

Faith Development

St Joseph’s School works in partnership with the home and Parish to support the faith development of the children. Sacramental preparation is facilitated by the Parish and is supported by the school. If your child is preparing to receive a Sacrament, please inform the teacher so further support can be provided.

Parents are invited to participate in class and school celebrations throughout the year and one of the priests visits the school each morning to lead prayer in the classroom.


Masses and Other Major Celebrations

Throughout the year, major feasts are celebrated with Mass and prayer. Some of the major celebrations are:

  • Opening School Mass
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Feast of St Joseph
  • Grandparents Day
  • Holy Week
  • Easter
  • Feast of the Sacred Heart
  • Feast of St Mary of the Cross Mackillop
  • Feast of the Assumption
  • All Saints Day
  • Advent
  • Year 6 Graduation
  • Thanksgiving Mass for the year completed

In addition, teachers and students celebrate various other occasions as they arise.

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