Safe and Respectful Learners

Joeys Journey


Joey’s journey is part of the PBS4L (Positive Behaviour Support for Learning) whole-school framework. This framework our St Joseph’s community create a positive and safe learning environment.

PBS4L is an evidence-based proactive system that establishes clear behaviours around our 3 key expectations:

I am safe
I am respectful
I am a learner


St Joseph’s students are taught how to live out these expectations in their classroom and on the playground. They are continually being retaught, reminded and rewarded for being safe, respectful, learners. It provides a common language, purpose and expectation for students, teachers and parents.

Student leaders will be working with children from K - 5 to reinforce what it means to be on Joey’s journey. These Peer Support groups will be an opportunity to learn together, and will provide an opportunity to develop respect, friendship and community.